Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On trend: Open shelving in kitchens

Having moved recently into an 1970s bungalow first floor rental, I was faced with a peculiar problem. A massive (by apartment standards) square shaped kitchen with plenty of concrete shelving. But no cabinets. It was charming but quite impractical due to all the pots and pans clutter one could see. Until I found this country style kitchen inspiration.

It quickly led to a neat little two part solution i could work with. Use of open upper shelves for holding my pretty ceramics used frequently and some essentials in glass jars. And use of lower shelves for everything else tucked away behind two tone striped curtains. 

I love the upper open shelving so much now that I cannot see myself living without them. Its definitely a trend that is on its way to becoming a classic.

Sources: Marie Claire Maison and various

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